CRE News Update | 4.15.19


  • Caroline Fisher awarded ACBR Rookie of the Year!
  • Interest Rate to Cap Rate Relationship
  • WeWork expanding too fast?
  • Increase in Grocery Store Openings
  • Co-Living Trend backed by Investors
  • Opportunity Zones see Increase in Value
  • Health Care Real Estate Increased by Private Equity Funds
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CRE News Round Up | 4.1.19


  • Open-PLan Offices: Bad Fad?
  • Toronto’s Wood Office Building
  • New Coworking Concept from the NFL
  • The Change of Late-Cycle Real Estate Investing
  • No ‘Bloodbath’ foreseen for Buckhead Market
  • Banks Cutting Back on Commercial Real Estate Lending
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CRE News Round Up | 3.4.19


  • Global Real Estate Survey: CRE Optimism is fragile
  • 1B SF of New Industrial Deliveries Not Enough to Satisfy Demand
  • Oregon Rent Control
  • Co Working in the News (1)
  • Co Working in the News (2)
  • Home Sales Slump in Atlanta
  • Southeast’s Largest Whole Foods Set to Open in April
  • North Metro Atlanta Mayors Propose East-West Transit Plan
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Atlanta Industrial - 4Q 2018 State of the Market

Market fundamentals in Atlanta’s industrial markets continue to strengthen, as E-Commerce continues to increase its share of retail spending in the US and abroad. Average asking rate across industrial Atlanta metro markets has grown at an impressive 4.5% compound annual rate from 2014-2018, and today sits at an impressive $4.12. Over the same period of time, 58.3M SF of new construction was delivered, representing an increase in inventory of 20%. Meanwhile, Metro Atlanta industrial markets reported net absorption from 2014-2018 of 68M SF, demonstrating that supply has still not caught up with ever-increasing levels of demand.

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Atlanta Industrial - 1Q 2019 New Development

Development in Atlanta Industrial markets shows few signs of slowing. E-commerce, which now represents about 10% of the total retail pie in the U.S. is the most significant driver of demand in Metro Atlanta and elsewhere. As quickly as new product is delivered to market, it is absorbed. Metro Atlanta delivered 14.8M SF of new supply in 2018. While this doesn’t match peak CY deliveries of 19.2M recorded in 2016, 2018 delivered SF of 14.8M is more than twice the 2009-2017 average. Despite significant new supply, annual net absorption outpaced delivered, coming in at 16.5M SF for the year. Accordingly, occupancy increased by nearly 100 bps to a super tight 93.26%.

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CRE News Round UP | 2.18.19


  • Demand for Medical Office Space to Increase
  • Old Retail Stores turning into Industrial warehouses
  • WeWork now leases over 500,000 SF in Atlanta
  • BB&T and SunTrust merge
  • Amazon expansion and HQ2 News
  • What if the Green New Deal passes?
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Northwest Year End Market Update 2018

Northwest turned in a varied 2018. Rate was a high point: At $24.67 combined Class A&B rate, Northwest is up $1.60 YOY, or 6.9%. While Northwest ranks 5th of 9 Atlanta submarkets for rate, it ranks 2nd of 6 suburban submarkets, behind only Central Perimeter.

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Central Perimeter Year End Market Update 2018

Central Perimeter finished out 2018 on a positive note. At $27.68 combined Class A & Class B rate, Central Perimeter ranks #3 among Atlanta submarkets, behind Buckhead (2) and Midtown (1). Rate increased a respectable $1.53 YOY, which represents a YOY increase of 5.9%.

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North Fulton Year End Market Update 2018

North Fulton turned in a relatively mixed 2018. Rate was a high point: At $24.28 combined Class A & B rate, North Fulton is up $1.16 YOY, or 5%. While North Fulton ranks 6th of 9 Atlanta submarkets for rate, it ranks 3rd of 6 suburban markets, behind only Central Perimeter and Northwest.

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Midtown Year End Market Update 2018

Midtown turned in an impressive 2018. At $36.63 combined Class A & Class B rate, Midtown ranks #1 among Atlanta submarkets, ahead of even the vaunted Buckhead submarket. Rate increased an astounding $4.41 YOY, which represents an increase of 13.7%

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Buckhead Year End Market Update 2018

Buckhead finished out 2018 on a positive note. At $34.98 combined Class A & Class B rate, Buckhead ranks #2 among Atlanta submarkets, behind only white-hot Midtown. Rate increased a respectable $1.61 YOY, which represents a YOY increase of 4.8%

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CRE News Round Up | 2.4.19


  • C&W 2019 Top 10 Trends to watch in CRE
  • 2018 Atlanta Industrial Results
  • 2018 Office Results
  • Opportunity Zone Update
  • Chinese Capital Continues to Withdraw from US CRE
  • WeWork Introduces Another Offering
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CRE News Round Up | 1.7.19


  • Henritze/Fergus: Dynamic Duo
  • WeWork
  • C&W Teams up with PropTech Accelerator
  • Atlanta considered ‘elite market’ in Tech Talent Hotspots report
  • U.S. Apartment Development to Peak Just as More Renter Look to Own
  • Construction Cost Dynamics
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CRE News Round Up | 12.17.18


  • WeWork Update
  • Opportunity Zones Update
  • Blockchain CRE Investment
  • Fed to Ease Bank Stress Testing
  • U.S. CRE Pricing Falters
  • Metro Atlanta Job Growth Solid in October
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CRE News Round Up | 11.12.18


  • REITs in the News
  • Shifting Debt Market
  • Amazon
  • CBRE Takes on WeWork
  • Retailization of Healthcare
  • The Rise of the Robots
  • The Gulch: Approved
  • Atlantic Station $500M Reboot
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CRE News Round Up | 10.29.18


  • Opportunity Zones
  • Real Estate Debt Funds
  • Leasing Slows but Jobs Grow
  • Warehouse Demand Continues to Drive Down Vacancy
  • GA Landowners Actively Courting Casinos in Anticipation of Gambling Legalization
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding: Cadre in the News
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CRE News Round Up | 10.15.18


  • U.S. Unemployment at Near-Record Low
  • Investors Lining Up to Pour Billions Into QOZs
  • Oil Could Hit $100/Barrel by End of 2018 if Iran Sanctions Materialize
  • Stok Releases Report Detailing Financial Benefits of “High Performance” Buildings
  • MARTA Approves Atlanta Expansion Plan
  • Big Consolidations Slow Metro Atlanta Office Market
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CRE News Round Up | 10.1.18


  • JLL Releases Annual Build-Out Report
  • Co Working in the News
  • Local and Regional Banks are The Fastest Growing Lenders in CRE
  • Blackstone to Buy Warehouses from Harvard
  • NY Times: Places That Once Made Goods Now Speed Them to Your Door
  • MARTA Expansion
  • Changing Lease Accounting Standards
  • Cousins Buying Archdiocese’s MT Land
  • Fed Hikes Interest Rates
  • Port of Savannah aims to nearly double cargo capacity in 10 years
  • Data Center Buildings Gobble up NoVA Land
  • Gulch Update
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North Fulton 2Q 2018 Market Report

North Fulton turned in a solid quarter for 2Q18: rents are up $1.00, or4.3% YOY; vacancy essentially remained flat, and impressive, at 12.5%; leasing activity was down from prior year same quarter, but at 638K SF, ranked #1 out of Atlanta submarkets. Despite strong leasing activity, net absorption was negative, and down YOY, however N fulton delivered 47K SF in 2Q, and has delivered 296K SF YTD.

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CRE News Round Up | 9.17.18


  • Tech Job Growth Continues to Create Demand for Office Space
  • Too much WeWork Makes Investors Nervous
  • Distribution Centers Being Built Faster than They Can Be Staffed
  • Growing demand for Healthcare Services Threatening to Outstrip Supply
  • Industrial Cap Rates Will Continue to Compress
  • Uncertainty Fills the Gulch
  • REITS Rebound
  • Multifamily Rents Have Stopped Growing in Major Markets Across the Country
  • Opportunity Zone Update
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Northwest 2Q 2018 Market Report

While rents in Northwest Atlanta are up 4.6% YOY, that appears to be the only good news looking at the chart on the right, as all fundamentals have seemingly softened since 2Q17. With some additional context however, this is not necessarily the case: while net absorption is down YOY, 122K SF net absorption in 2Q is significantly better than the 10 and 5-year averages (2008-2017), of 11K SF/Q and 71K SF/Q, respectively.

Published: Sep 18 | 2018 Read More

Midtown 2Q 2018 Market Report

Class A rents (on a gross basis) in Midtown grew from $36.24/SF in 1Q to $37.19/SF in 2Q, an increase of 2.6%, or 10.4% on an annualized basis. For class B properties, rents increased from $23.87/SF to $26.10/SF, an astonishing increase of 9.3% for the quarter, or 37.2% annualized. If rent is any indicator, Midtown is on fire.

Published: Sep 18 | 2018 Read More

Central Perimeter 2Q 2018 Market Report

Class A rents (on a gross basis) in Central Perimeter grew from $30.44/SF in 1Q to $30.51/SF in 2Q, an increase of 23 bps, or sub 1% growth on an annualized basis. For class B properties, rents increased from $22.47/SF to $22.53/SF, a similarly modest increase. While rent growth seems to have slowed in 2Q, it is worth noting that the CAGR for Central Perimeter from 2014 through 2018 is 5.5%, an unsustainable permanent rate of growth.

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Downtown 2Q 2018 Market Report

Downtown office leasing fundamentals continued to improve in 2Q18. Asking rates YOY are up a healthy 9%, and QOQ by 1.9%. Vacancy continued to decline in 2Q, and is approaching historic lows. With vacancy at 10.4%, Downtown ranks second in Atlanta (behind Midtown) for vacancy. Net absorption was an impressive 128K SF in 2Q, marking the fourth consecutive quarter of positive net absorption, and ranking Downtown 1st for net absorption in 2Q18.

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Buckhead 2Q 2018 Market Report

Buckhead office leasing fundamentals showed improvement during 2Q18. Rates are up $0.37, or 1.1% from 1Q18. Net absorption is positive for the third quarter in a row, at 112K SF. Vacancy is down 70 bps YOY. There are no projects under construction at end of 2Q18, and only 139K SF delivered in the past 12 months, limiting supply for the foreseeable future. Significant 2018 transactions include Aon:65K SF at Three Alliance, Coyote Logistics: 48K SF at Armour Yards, and WeWork: 48K SF at Terminus 100.

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CRE News Round Up | 9.4.18


  • Fed Chairman Encouraged by Economy
  • Starbucks Bringing 500 Jobs to Atlanta
  • UPS Rolls Out New Company: Ware2Go
  • Opportunity Zone Investment
  • Wild Card – Arrow for the Leasing Quiver
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CRE News Roundup | 3.5.18


  • Facebook Data Center Update
  • Underground Development
  • Mixed-Use in North Fulton
  • CineMassive adds Development to their Resume
  • Westside Development: Quarry Yards
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CRE News Roundup | 2.19.18


  • New City Tackles Georgia Power Site on the Eastside
  • Spec Developments In Midtown – 14th & Spring
  • Urban Atlanta Grabs Tech Company
  • New Funding for the Beltline
Published: Feb 22 | 2018 Read More

Urban Islands: The Rise Of The Live-Work-Play Districts In The Heart Of Suburbia

During the current economic cycle, metros across the nation have seen of a new type of development emerge. These developments feature mixed-use, urban-esque environments that emphasize density and walkability, in a suburban setting. Remarkably, these developments experience significant pre-leasing activity, at rental rates closer to urban, infill development, than their suburban neighbors. In Atlanta, office space in these developments outpaces next-door developments by as much as $10 per square foot, a 35% premium in what has historically been a tenants’ market. What is driving this phenomenon?

Published: Feb 21 | 2018 Read More

Northwest Market Report - End of Year

Atlanta’s Northwest saw rapid growth in 2017, due in part to the momentum surrounding The Battery at Suntrust Park. Not only was the Northwest one of the few markets to actually see
an increase in Net Absorption in 2017, average asking rates also saw a ‘Braves Bump’ in 2017, increasing by $1.53 PSF year over year.

Published: Feb 12 | 2018 Read More

North Fulton Market Report - End of year

In 2017, North Fulton ranked 3rd overall among major metro markets with nearly 300k SF in positive net absorption. However, this was not enough to offset the effect of 357,575 SF of deliveries, which actually pushed up North Fulton’s marketwide vacancy rates despite positive net absorption. Although leasing activity fell when compared with 2016’s levels, this is partly due to North Fulton’s remarkable 12% vacancy rate, which is incredibly low for a true suburban market.

Published: Feb 12 | 2018 Read More

Midtown Market Report - End of year

Over 2017, Midtown led all Atlanta submarkets in rent growth, as average asking rates rose $3.47 PSF during 2017. Midtown also saw 286,290 SF of positive net absorption, pushing vacancy below nine percent by the end of the year. Although leasing activity remains strong, overall net absorption fell by nearly 500,000 SF in 2017 when compared with 2016’s figure.

Published: Feb 12 | 2018 Read More

Central Perimeter Market Report - End of Year

Although Central Perimeter finished 2017 with negative net absorption and low rate growth, Atlanta’s largest Class A Market led all submarkets in one important category: Leasing
Activity. With 1.9M SF of deals signed in 2017, Central Perimeter outpaced second place North Fulton by 22%. Although sublet space ranks #2 behind Atlanta’s Northwest submarket, this figure fell by nearly 50% YOY when compared with YE 2016.

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Buckhead Market Report - End of Year

Although Buckhead’s robust post-recession rental rate strength continued into the fourth quarter of 2017, rate increases moderated somewhat when compared with 2014- 2016’s astounding growth levels. Net absorption and leasing activity continue to remain slow as the trend to higher office densities is directly impacting absorption. Buckhead’s geographic core projects to remain relatively stable with only two parcels available for new construction projects.

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CRE News Roundup | 2.5.18


  • Armour Yards Sale
  • Chamblee’s Peachtree Station Retail Sale
  • AT&T to Vacate Midtown Tower
  • Whole Foods Moves to Midtown
  • Atlanta: Pandora’s Box
  • Hine’s Spec Development
  • First look: Pullman Yards
  • Facebook Data Center
  • Atlanta Job Growth
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Atlanta Industrial – 4Q 2017 New Development

Development in Atlanta Industrial markets is not slowing down. The Atlanta airport has been able to handle the large quantities of e-commerce which has made Atlanta, specifically the I-85 S /
Airport submarket a hub for construction. In fact, that submarket accounts for 42.2% of all under construction properties over 50 KSF. Most of these properties break ground without a tenant.
However, due to high demand for these large warehouse spaces, the buildings are leased at the time of delivery.

Published: Feb 06 | 2018 Read More

Co-working in Atlanta: Where’s the Space?!

2017 and the start of 2018 have seen a huge rise in co-working space in Atlanta. In fact, almost 20% of net absorption was generated through co-working tenants. Just within the last month, there were two deals signed: WeWork at Terminus – it’s second Buckhead location – and Office Evolution in Alpharetta. However, Atlanta is no stranger to co-working spaces. Industrious has a location in Ponce City Market, WeWork has two locations in Midtown, Spaces by Regus has inked deals all over the CBD.

Published: Feb 01 | 2018 Read More

CRE News Roundup | 1.22.18


  • Co-working in Atlanta
  • athenahealth Expands after Cuts
  • New Construction on the Perimeter
  • Midtown Sales: Parkside Properties on the Move
  • Amazon HQ2: The Top 20
  • Apple Announces Another Corporate Campus
  • Lilburn gets a New Warehouse and Distribution Center
Published: Jan 23 | 2018 Read More

Like Dallas’ Fundamentals? Buy Atlanta

Real Estate’s old adage—“location, location, location”—takes on different meanings in different markets. In markets such as New York and San Francisco, physical constraints create price pressures that alter economic fundamentals during a recovery. These low-availability markets recover quickly, yet stall out as economic recoveries mature. By contrast, markets such as Atlanta and Dallas have few physical barriers to construction.

Although markets like Atlanta and Dallas take longer to recover, they accelerate as the economic recovery matures, with strongest growth figures occurring toward the end of the cycle. Supply is key to this behavior, and the reason why fundamentals in Atlanta look poised to overtake Dallas soon.

Published: Jan 19 | 2018 Read More

Space Use in Retail: Food Halls

Retail in the U.S. is undergoing a dramatic change as lifestyle and consumption preferences shift away from brick-and-mortar stores, toward digital shopping experiences. Over the last few years, the victims of this trend—mostly big box retailers and power center tenants—have been forced to downsize, and in some cases, declare bankruptcy as consumers disappear and sales dwindle.
However, one category of retail—the food hall—has not only survived this trend, but has thrived, as consumers increasingly gravitate towards these collections of boutique ‘fast casual’ restaurants with shared seating. As consumption preferences continue their shift towards digital alternatives, what exactly draws consumers to food halls?

Published: Jan 19 | 2018 Read More

e-Commerce and the next wave of Industrial Demand

e-Commerce—also known as online retail—represents a fundamental change in the retail consumption model. The switch from “bricks to clicks” has driven unprecedented demand for distribution and logistics space throughout the United States. This demand has pushed the national industrial market into a super-cycle in which industrial fundamentals have bested historic records every year since 2013.
As of 2Q 2017, Atlanta is on pace to absorb 25.5 MSF before year’s end. That figure represents 25% more net absorption than it did in 2014, when it absorbed 19.7 MSF—the previous high-water mark of this cycle—and well above the Metro Region’s all-time best of 20.2 MSF, reached in 1998.

Published: Jan 19 | 2018 Read More

Build Parking and They Will Come

Commercial Real Estate (“CRE”) fundamentals in Atlanta have been a hard sell for the last twenty-five years. Average rents for Office buildings in Atlanta have only increased by $1.88 per square foot—less than the rate of inflation1 —while average industrial rents have increased by only $0.70 per square foot. This phenomenon has a simple explanation: low construction costs, cheap land, and rapid arterial highway construction incentivized an “outward,” low-density growth model. Developers would buy cheap land one exit out, build brand new buildings, and scalp existing tenants by offering new construction at identical rental rates to preexisting product. This dynamic seemed as though it would continue indefinitely.

Published: Jan 19 | 2018 Read More

The Atlanta Hub - Loft Office and the New Generation of Creative Spaces

Although so-called “Creative Office” space comprises just 1.2% of Atlanta’s total office market, it represents the most important change in space use since the invention of the cubicle. Tenants and landlords have only begun to leverage Creative Space design principles to push rents past levels previously thought possible, while increasing worker productivity and satisfaction. Trends in this sector will define the American workplace for decades to come.

Published: Jan 19 | 2018 Read More

Loft Office and the New Generation of Creative Spaces

In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of a new category of Office Space. Called “Creative Loft” space, this category of Office Space features expansive floor plans with large amounts of open space, often incorporating exposed duct work and sprinkler systems. These spaces are specifically designed to facilitate creative interaction—the primary value driver of a new breed of Office User. The highly-valued TAMI subset of office users—Tech, Advertising, Media, and Information tenants—prefer these spaces because these spaces enhance the TAMI business model. TAMI companies’ high profit margins and strong growth models, coupled with their strong preference for these spaces drives significant demand for these spaces.

Published: Jan 19 | 2018 Read More

Atlanta Industrial - 3Q 2017 Sales Report

The Atlanta Industrial market has shown consistent improvement during the most recent cycle. Atlanta’s lack of natural barriers to construction, robust transit infrastructure, and low cost of doing business have made it the go-to location for logistics-focused tenants. Over the last three years, Atlanta’s industrial market has absorbed over 65 MSF of space while only adding a still-impressive 44 MSF of new space. Although average cap rates are higher than the rest of the nation, Atlanta’s average cap rate of 6.04% is skewed by the number of older building trades, which have cap rate that are on average +/- 120 bps higher when compared with new construction.

Published: Jan 09 | 2018 Read More

Atlanta Industrial - 3Q 2017 New Development

In 2Q 2017, Atlanta’s industrial market continued its remarkable run, tallying nearly 6 MSF of positive net absorption after posting 5.6 MSF of positive net absorption in the first quarter. During the first half of 2017, 11.6 MSF of positive net absorption came against only 7.4 MSF of delivered product, pushing vacancy down to 6.9% market-wide. This has resulted in the lowest vacancy seen since Atlanta’s post-Olympic boom.

Published: Jan 09 | 2018 Read More

CRE News Roundup | 1.8.18


  • Buckhead Leases
  • Three Alliance Scale
  • Weather Channel Building Sells
  • Data Center Sale
Published: Jan 08 | 2018 Read More

Big Data, BIG Opportunities for CRE

Demand for smaller portable devices, such as laptops or cell phones has created advances in communications infrastructure, such as high-speed fiber optic lines and 5G cellular networks. As the devices became more compact and business began to use them for more tasks, digital service providers shifted resource-intensive data operations from the devices that display the content—computers, laptops, tablets and phones—to massive collections of servers. What does these changes mean for the future of CRE?

Published: Dec 20 | 2017 Read More