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LPC Supports a Healthy Lifestyle

11 Jan 2017

Not only is it a New Year for Lincoln Property Company to conquer goals in the industry, but Lincoln is also ready to take on some new healthy lifestyle choices. Many of us find it hard to balance a demanding career and a still have the time to develop healthy habits. LPC has encouraged employees to do so with a friendly competition.

Lincoln Property Company of Central Florida has organized a company weight loss challenge which started on Tuesday January the 3rd and will end on Tuesday February the 28th.  A scale will be brought into the office and kept in a secluded area. Weigh-ins will be every other Tuesday.  Whoever loses the most weight by percentage will win.  Only one person will know each competitors start and finish weight. There is a small fee to enter the competition and LPC will match the amount collected to increase the prize.

The kitchen is now stocked up with healthy snacks and fresh fruit. To make things a bit more interesting, employees have started a ‘stair challenge’, in which they have been using the stairs instead of the elevator and keeping track of their progress on a white board in the office. This has been a fun addition. Some staff members are also using their lunch breaks so take walks or run.

Fun fact – You are 20% more likely to lose at least 5% of your weight if you join a competition like this one! Remember, a healthy lifestyle begins by taking control of your habits. Take control of your habits, take control of your life!