Cleveland Street Market – Food Hall & Restaurant

Cleveland Street Market is a neighborhood market and food hall in the heart of Clearwater, Florida. This state-of-the-art structure will be anchored by curated retail and dining experiences. It features a self-serve beer and wine bar, café, plaza, and marketplace with several retail stalls.

Cleveland Street Market will bring new energy and excitement to Clearwater, offering an eclectic gathering place for an extraordinary experience. The environment will offer a flair that is as unique as the vendors that reside there. Spaces will feature interiors with stunning visual elements such as exposed brick, concrete walls, drop panel ceilings, and a variety of pendant lighting. The project will offer exteriors that perfectly mix greenery and wood for an industrial finish. With contemporary building materials and beautiful landscaping, Cleveland Market will serve as a hub for the community to gather and experience the eccentric culture of Clearwater, Florida.