Q3 2020 Atlanta Industrial Sales Report

Atlanta Industrial markets remain hot with E-Commerce showing no sign of slowing down soon. Rapid growth of e-commerce is a primary driver of demand for bulk storage facilities and smaller last-mile distribution facilities alike. Further, last-mile distribution centers are causing increased demand in non-traditional industrial markets that feature access to both critical population mass and labor pools. NNN Asking rates have increased to over $4.39 and are forecasted to continue increasing with demand still high. The demand for “last mile” centers in particular is being driven by online retail to allow near-immediate delivery to customers. Development within close proximity of the perimeter will continue to accelerate. Despite trade fears and some economic uncertainty, demand for industrial space should remain solid. The impacts of COVID-19 have not caused any concern in Industrial demand, and some would argue that there is and will continue to be more demand due to COVID-19 implications.

Published: Nov 20 | 2020 Download
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