Q4 2020 Atlanta Industrial Market Report

The construction pipeline in Atlanta’s industrial market remains strong through the fourth quarter of 2020. The 19.5M SF of product currently under construction marks the continued acceleration of new construction: average construction pipeline in Atlanta over the course of 2019 was 16.9M SF. Average square footage under construction in 2018 was 15.3M SF, in 2017 was 13.3M SF, and continues to shrink further back in time. Along with a robust construction pipeline, deliveries through year end of 2020 are also strong: 17.1M SF delivered in 2020 is only behind 2016 for the most deliveries in a year. With regards to buildings under construction: they are large and roughly 75% are unleased. Across Atlanta, the average size of buildings under construction is nearly 415K SF and average occupancy across the metro region for buildings under construction is just under 26%.

Published: Jan 21 | 2021 Download
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