Central Perimeter 1Q 2020 Market Report

Rate in Central Perimeter continued its upward climb in the first quarter of 2020, moving up YOY by $0.75 or 2.7%, and by $0.33 QOQ. Net absorption for the quarter skyrocketed to 867K, starting off the year at record pace. Not surprisingly, this puts 2020 on pace to outperform the submarket’s total net absoprtion over the span of 2014-2019. Given current events, anticipate a slodown in net absorption across Atlanta. Vacancy is down 10bps from 4Q19, but still up 1.1% over 2019. Vacancy has risen slightly over the past few years, but still significantly down from its peak in 2009-2011 of 20%+.

Published: May 19 | 2020 Download

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