COVID-19 Market Solutions

From the start of the pandemic, it has been recommended by ASHRAE and the CDC to follow certain rules to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in commercial environments. While there is nothing unique or over-complicated about these methods, they have proven to be effective time and time again.

  • Maximize fresh air production and toilet exhaust without creating adverse effects on the building. This will maximize the air changes per hour (ACH) within the structure and reduce the build-up of harmful suspended airborne particles.
  • Increase the filter media rating for your HVAC filters to the highest MERV rating possible (MERV 13 recommended by CDC) without impacting the HVAC system’s capacity. This will be more effective in trapping harmful airborne suspended particles and reducing the recirculation of these particles.
  • Tape and close off all seams around the air handler unit and between filters themselves. This will ensure all air circulation will go through the filter media and not bypass the filter system.
  • Turn off Demand-Controlled Ventilation systems and evaluate the risk of Energy Recovery Units (ERU’s). This will ensure ventilation systems will not be throttled down and ERU rotary wheels will not contaminate the fresh air make-up source.
Published: Feb 24 | 2021 Download
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