Film & Studios in Georgia: The Hollywood of the South

Georgia has a long history as the backdrop for some of Hollywood’s most famous films, like the backwoods of Rabun County in Deliverance, or downtown Savannah in Forrest Gump. Since the introduction of a tax incentive for film production in 2002 however, Georgia has gone from just a scenic backdrop to a major player in the entertainment industry. In 2015 the state gave out $504 million in tax credits, resulting in a $9.5 billion economic impact. Investment in studios has skyrocketed across Georgia, which now boasts over 4 million square feet of sound stages and studio support space across 25 sites state-wide. There are 14 studios greater than 100,000 square feet, 12 of which are in the metro Atlanta area, including the two largest sound stages in North America. With large investments rolling in from the likes of Tyler Perry and Dan Cathy (Trilith Studios), and a commitment from the Governor to continuing the tax credit program, this is just the beginning for the “Hollywood of the South”.

Published: Jul 07 | 2021 Download
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